Who we are

Our Vision

Our Vision is "to become" growing into a Church fully focussed on The Triune God and His Word, on the Work of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

Like Jesus Christ, we strive to make our corporate Worship a two-way street.

Towards God: it will show in our devotion to Him, in our hymns to and about Him, in our prayers of praise, thanksgiving and adoration, and in offering ourselves and our money to Him. We strive to have our worship services family oriented, so all age groups can participate and be enriched in them. From God: it will show in our praying for His blessings and help for ourselves and others, in listening to the reading and the preaching of His Word , the Bible, thus equipping us to serve Him all seven days of the week. Such relevant worship and preaching is to be achieved by exegeting the congregation and their needs, as well as exegeting the Bible for God’s answers and solutions.

Like Jesus Christ, we strive to minister to people in the balanced way that He did, in pointing them to God and teaching about Him, and in Working alongside them with their many and varied needs. Within the Church: we strive to use our time in building one another up in the faith through pastoral care, visiting one another, counselling, and in our small groups for Bible study, asking questions, discussing issues, seeking Bible answers, fellowshipping with each other, and praying to God. Beyond the Church: in our Walk through life, we strive to help those around us near and far away, by giving of ourselves, our time and our possessions. At present, this is mainly through our Oppe Shoppe, but we strive to find new ways as our resources permit.

Like Jesus Christ, we strive to Witness for God, by bringing God and other Spiritual topics into our conversations with those we meet, Positively, by telling them of His comprehensive love for us human beings, in every area of our life, not just the religious dimension, and Negatively, by answering their questions, and eliminating their objections to becoming Christ’s followers and disciples.

In the process of becoming more focussed on our Lord Jesus Christ, and becoming more like our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that God will give us favour with the people we meet, and add to our numbers those whom He is saving.

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